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Built on a Foundation of Integrity.

A True Canadian Success Story...

MaxWell Realty is a proud Canadian real estate company established in Alberta in 1999 by two bold visionary leaders in the real estate business.

MaxWell was founded on founded on the principal of serving our customers with genuine care, sincerity and integrity, while providing true value throughout the entire buying and selling process.

We believe that people still look for a company which offers services embodying old fashion values of Honesty, Integrity and professionalism.

Ron Stanners & Dick Oakes

There's no replacement for experience...

You need more than a "manager."

You need visionary leadership, experience, and someone who simply has your back.  Starting with our founders and their core values, the MaxWell leadership team is the best in the business.  Each broker, manager, and even support staff believe that success is only achieved when we're all successful together.

MaxWell associates receive unsurpassed guidance and support from respected, trusted, and reputable brokers.  Throw in a dose of innovative corporate leadership, and you have a dream team in Real Estate.   A team working for you!

"I truly believe in the expertise behind this company, and everything it stands for. I'm proud that, above all else, our primary goal is to have associates who are both successful, and happy."
- Johnny Alain, Director of Culture.
MaxWell Realty Canada
MaxWell Volunteers

Why should culture matter to you?

Real Estate is unique since regardless of company or side of a transaction, agents must work together to achieve a common goal... completion of the real estate transaction and satisfaction of both buyers and sellers.

MaxWell Realty is more family, than company.  You'll quickly learn that we greatly value relationships with our clients, the community, and with each other.

We also believe it's important to have fun!

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The Most Advanced Technology.

To support YOUR business.

Technology has become one of the most vital components of Real Estate today.  And yet, it's often under-utilized, or over-utilized. At MaxWell we not only teach you how to use technology... we teach you how NOT to use it.  

We make technology easy by providing some of the best tools and resources in the business in partnership with market leaders like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Apple, and many more.

MaxWell does all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the relationships that will keep you successful, and keep your clients happy.

Your first lesson starts right now:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Training is what put us on the map.

The best type of training is not only good for business, it should change your life.  That's why we start with mindset.  Nobody said a career in Real Estate would be easy, and that's why we focus on becoming a better person first and foremost.  From there, working in real estate won't feel like work at all.


For new REALTORS® they'll attend the famous MaxWell Fast-Trac training, which has been attributed to the success of many infamous top producers.

For advanced learners, the MaxWell Accelerator Program will aim to sharpen your skills by the showing you the in-depth systems from the best of the best.


Lastly, MaxWell Realty is a proud Ninja Selling company from top to bottom and bottom to top.  We were one of the first companies to endorse, encourage, and adopt the Ninja Selling System throughout the entire company... and continue the partnership today.

We've got you covered!

All the promises, plus support to back it up.

It's easy to take for granted all the work that happens behind the scenes, but like the engine of a car, the Real Estate back office is crucial in your stability. MaxWell is proud to have some of the best staff and systems in the business. Our associates have access to dedicated social media experts, one-on-one trainers, technical support staff, website experts and more, all maintaining, constant and pleasant communication when you need it most. MaxWell associates receive the best service in the business.

Rest assured, you can do your business and we've got your back.

Bang for Buck.

We believe in providing true value.

Our philosophy is to offer more in value than we receive in compensation!  We strike a balance between competitive fees and incredibly awesome competitive advantages, so it just makes sense.

With competitive fee plans to fit every agent, and the goal of ensuring your business is supported and professional, who could argue about our value proposition?  Book an appointment to learn more.

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